What is PlastyFix?

Plastyfix is ​​a unique (re) moldable plastic that can be used in lots of ways. It is also a very user-friendly product. Plastyfix consists of very small grains of plastic that are malleable when they are heated to about 80 ° C. Within 30 seconds, this unique plastic is completely malleable and easy to form. After the Plastyfix is kneaded in the desired shape it ‘ll hard out within a few minutes. You can repeat this process indefinitely.

Besides the usual PlastyFix we also sell PlastyFix extreme heat Plastyfix Extreme Heat has a processing temperature of 50 degrees Celsius higher! Therefore it’s not malleable by boiling water. This has the advantage that Plastyfix Extreme Heat is less vulnerable than the normal Plastyfix

Plastyfix Extreme Heat is heat resistant enough to endure such as the dishwasher. This ensures that Plastyfix Extreme for Heat can be used for more applications.

BarendBarend de Feijter (Algemeen directeur)
T: 06 – 29760237
E: b.de.feijter@plastyfix.nl


coenCoen de Braal (Communicatie & PR medewerker)
T: 06 – 29252756
E: c.de.braal@plastyfix.nl


Johan van Belzen (Verkoop Manager)Johan
T: 06 – 37177125
E: j.van.belzen@plastyfix.nl


MartinMartin Boone (Financieel manager)
T: 06 – 37410114
E: m.boone@plastyfix.nl




Graaf Jansdijk 74
4571 SJ Axel

Telefoon: 06 – 29760237
E-mail: info@plastyfix.nl

IBAN: NL63 INGB 0006 896556
KvK-nummer: 63798085

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